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Angus beef meat

“Angus” merely refers to beef that comes from a Scottish breed of cattle, the Aberdeen Angus cow. It is a sturdier breed that grew popular among farmers due to its ability to produce meat with a higher marbling content.

There are two types of Angus: Black Angus and Red Angus, and both can trace their roots back to Scotland. But the Red Angus is not recognized by the American Angus Association and is a much rarer breed. The Black Angus is hornless (polled) and sports a black hide.

A lot of marbling keeps the meat moist for longer when cooking. And where there’s marbling, there’s tender, juicy and flavorsome beef. Most people agree that marbling improves flavor, tenderness, and keeps meat moist while cooking, especially at high temperatures. Beef is graded based on marbling, with the highest degree of marbling reserved for the Prime grade.

Beef sourced from Angus cattle is often high quality, but diet, genetics, and handling practices all contribute to the final product. In 1978, the American Angus Association created the brand Certified Angus Beef. Those at Certified Angus Beef work to improve the cattle in which their beef is derived through extensive grading including genetic testing, ultrasound technologies, and classic breeding registries.
Angus beef meat

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