Sunday, October 04, 2020

Anchovies: Highly Nutritious Food

One species of small size and it is a very important capture of fishermen is anchovies. Anchovy is a coastal pelagic species inhabiting all tropical and subtropical waters.

Anchovies are highly nutritious food and particularly valuable for providing high quality protein. Anchovies are one of the most perishable of all the foods because their suitable medium for growth of micro-organisms after death.

By preservation method of drying, the problem of fish spoilage can be solved and the shelf life can be extended. Sun drying is one of the traditional simple and economical methods employed to preserve fish, particularly small pelagic fish.

Drying process will reduce moisture content from raw food products in order to prevent quality deterioration. Lowering water activity of the products will maintain food quality by reducing microbial growth and undesired chemical reaction.

Anchovies’ characteristics from the consumers’ point of view for selection:
*Size — the smaller the better;
*Presence of head preferred;
*High flesh content;
*Absence of sand and other impurities;
*Light color; and
*Free from pests and insects.

Anchovy can be consumed as deep-fried snacks, garnish in Korea rich soups, cooking together with pasta or dried anchovies eating with rice. Anchovies also used as appetizers, as a garnish and for sauces and relishes.
Anchovies: Highly Nutritious Food

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