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Secret Formula

Secret Formula
Many fast food and junk food manufacturers have proudly announced that they have so called ingredients in their products and secret ways of making their products.

Part of the reason for the secret sauces and ingredients is to hype their products.

In addition, the proclamations of secret ingredients discourages consumers from trying to make similar products in their home, thus depriving manufacturers of potential sales.

Finally , there are secrets in every industry and companies do not want to give their competitors any hint of what goes into their successful products or product lines, since manufacturers try to duplicate the competition’s products that are successful.

White Castle founder Walter Anderson proclaimed that White Castle’s secret had been to flatten the meat into thin parties and then sear them on both sides “to seal in the natural juices.”

Harland Sanders figured out a way to cook chicken quickly in a pressure cooker and he developed a secret seasoning featuring a blend of 11 herbs and spices, which Sanders sold to franchisees.

McDonald’s maintains its lead in French fry taste by adding secret ingredients to its flavorings.

The chocolate industry has been notorious for maintaining its secrets.

NestlĂ©’s formula of making milk chocolate was a carefully secret beginning in the nineteenth century.

The secret formula for Cadbury’s chocolate is purportedly known only by six people and the formula itself is stored in a vault.

Perhaps the longest held secret in American chocolate manufacturing is how the Hershey Company processes the milk that gives their chocolate its flavor.

Mars, Inc, is supposedly one of the most secretive companies in the world, requiring employees to sign nondisclosure that they will not impart any information about Mars to outsiders.

Soda manufacturer are also notoriously famous for their secret formulas, Roy Allen who launched A&W Root Beer, reportedly purchased the formula for his root beer from a pharmacist in Arizona.

To this day, its unique blend of herbs, spices, barks and berries remains a proprietary secret.

The Coca-Cola Company has long maintained the secret formula for making its beverages and purportedly only a handful of people know it.
Secret Formula

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