Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Red sauce

This term may refer either to an Italian style tomato sauce or to a tomato flavored clam sauce, also a standard item in Italian American cookery. Both terms have become common since the end of the nineteenth century. Indian red curries are tomato base an there are several fiery Mexican sauces that use the tomato as a base.

Three types of tomato sauces form the basic foundation for red barbecue sauces: unseasoned tomato sauce, catsup and chili sauce. Catsup and chili sauces contains various herbs and spices, as well as vinegar, with chili sauce being the spiciest.

This plain tomato sauce can be spiced up before using in soups or in pink or red sauces. The thicker sauce wanted, the more tomatoes needed.

Tomatoes or tomato sauce will act as a natural tenderizer for all types of beef. Meat should always be cut across the grain whenever possible; the meat will be more tender and have a better appearance.
Red sauce
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