Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cumin as an ingredient culinary food

Cumin seed has a distinctive odor and aromatic, hot and bitter taste. It is available whole or ground. The spice is used extensively in Mexican food and also in the preparation of processed meats, pickles, cheese and sausages. It is also used in Indian, Eastern, Middle Eastern, Portuguese and Spanish cookery.

To make the best of their aroma and flavor whole cumin seeds are lightly roasted before use.

At home it is used to flavor soups and stew. Cumin seed is an essential ingredient of curry powder and chili powder.

In Moroccan cooking, it is used with chicken and goat. A popular marinade called chermoula is essential a vinaigrette of olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, cumin and an ever changing list of herbs and spices.

Cumin is also commonly an ingredient in the Ethiopian seasoning paste called beriberi.

This spice should be used with restraint as it can surpass all the other flavor in a dish. Cumin seed contains about 2-4% of volatile oil. The principle flavoring constituent of the oil is cumaldehyde.

Cumin as an ingredient culinary food
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