Saturday, August 27, 2016

Corn flour for baking

Corn flour is a very fine version of stone-ground cornmeal and thus is a whole –grain flour. It is milled from dried corn kernels to a very fine, free-flowing consistency.

Corn flour is usually defined as finally ground maize. The French call it fecule, which translates literally as starch. It lends a distinct yet mild corn flavor to baked goods.

Corn flour is the ideal in a variety of recipes; beyond rich corn flavor and gorgeous color, it contributes an irresistible crunchy surface – crunchy edges - to otherwise soft buttery cakes, waffles, breads, pancakes, tortillas, and even meltingly tender biscuits and cobbler toppings.

The proportions of corn flour used varied a great dela form 100% corn flour to 25% corn flour and 75% ordinary flour or completely the reverse i.e. 75% corn flour and 25% ordinary flour.

Corn flour certainly gives a very light and fine texture to a cake mixture; it must be treated as plain (all-purpose) four and the same amount of raising agent added. Corn flour for baking

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